A cancer warrior

Rebecca Hogue is a blogger that agreed to have a conversation with us for iTec. She currently manages three blogs and is cursing a PhD in education. During our time with her, she focused on demonstrating us how irrelevant haters can be. According to Rebecca, the first step of making a blog post is planning. […]

An influential lady

Maha Bali is an Associated in Professional Practices that is currently living in Egypt. She uses twitter as an educational tool and her blog has the particularity that it shows how long it would take to read every post. Her blogs are usually read in about 5 minutes, but the comments that follow can take […]


Alan Levine a.k.a CogDog is an expert on the implementation of new technologies in education that agreed on having a conversation with us during the iTec course. He usually uses his blog to post the solution he found to a problem he considers relevant. For achieving this purpose, it is necessary to guide the reader […]

A pink hurricane

Amy Burvall is a well-know teacher that loves supporting startups that help spreading education. Since she beat breast cancer about 10 years ago, she encourages everyone into living life and having fun. For perfectionist people, like me, she developed the term “raw thought”. A “raw thought” is the creation of a short post that is […]

Students have a voice

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to talk with Lee Scallerup Bessette, an Instructional Technology Specialist at University of Mary Washington. During our conversation, her main concern was to let students know that their perspective is also relevant for the Internet. Even though students are the youngest members of the conversation, they should be considered […]

Visitors and Residents

According to David White, the internet population can be divided in two: visitors and residents. Visitors are those who just use the Internet for consulting information or temporary activity such as paying bills. Meanwhile, internet residents are those who remain logged in and sharing content. For example, someone who just watches Youtube videos would be […]

Digital Presence

During our second day in Semanai we had the chance to talk with Laura Gogia, an educator expert on the area of Digital Presence. Although this course is named Digital Identity, Laura Gogia proposes an innovation in the name, as the term presence also involves how you interact with others. “Presence is closely related to […]