Myself in 5 pictures

Every person is defined by certain characteristics; we all have something we love about us, something we need to improve and something that nobody knows. During the Semana i course with Ken Bauer, we had an activity that consisted on taking pictures with words from magazines to complement them. These words were related with the characteristics mentioned below.

For example, I always try to see the good on every situation, no matter how bad it can be.



I become easily frustrated when someone does something really slowly that I could be doing faster. For example, when I´m waiting for someone to finish typing their text


Today I spent an entire hour tying my trench coat. I still don´t like how it looks.


When I was younger I used to be extremely shy; now it´s hard for me to sit next to a person without trying to know something about them. For example, today I met Romana Macurová (she sat next to me).


It’s hard for me to make a decision; I always find something I don’t like about everything. Every day I come to class; I NEED to sit on a chair with a color that matches my outfit.


This whole activity was inspired by Amy Burvall. You can contact her via twitter, instagram and her personal blog.


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