Visitors and Residents

According to David White, the internet population can be divided in two: visitors and residents. Visitors are those who just use the Internet for consulting information or temporary activity such as paying bills. Meanwhile, internet residents are those who remain logged in and sharing content. For example, someone who just watches Youtube videos would be considered a visitor, while the one who uploads them is the resident.

Today, as part of the iTec course, we had a conversation with Autumm Caines, Bonnie Stewart, and Sundi Richard. Thanks to them, we could develop a graph that exemplifies how the visitor/residents model works and how the internet can be used for professional and personal purposes at the same time.


Based on this concept, I have interviewed some people to see how each one of them uses the internet

Luis Felipe Garete Moreno (Nutrition Student)

(this part is not finished)


Something I forgot to mention is that the three of them, Autumm, Bonnie, and Sundi agree that is necessary to establish a personal connection with your readers. An appropiate way to do this is to show pictures of their personal environment and to show your face during video conversations.




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