A cancer warrior

Rebecca Hogue is a blogger that agreed to have a conversation with us for iTec. She currently manages three blogs and is cursing a PhD in education. During our time with her, she focused on demonstrating us how irrelevant haters can be.

According to Rebecca, the first step of making a blog post is planning. You need to know what your post will be about ad what´s the purpose of it. Then, you need to find out how much do you want to share and how long will it take to express yourself.

Whenever you publish something, it is impossible for everyone to like it, but the best advice that Rebecca gives us is to ignore the haters. Criticism is fine, as long as it is politely. But whenever someone replies on your posts by being insulting, do not answer. Haters need to be eradicated, and the only way to do so is to find out what feeds them, and then take it away. And what feeds haters? Reactions. Negative reactions from the publisher.

This way, if you decide to ignore your haters, they will eventually go away. Nowadays, there are many laws that prevent cyber bullying. So if you believe that ignoring them is not working, you can also rely on the government.

She also narrated to us how she was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. This year was an emotional one for her since various people asked her daily how she was feeling and she needed to explain how she was not okay.



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